Adjust checkbox facets to show individual counts


This article outlines how to change the maximum number of faceted navigation categories returned to a user when the standard Freemarker faceted navigation macros are used.

this article applies to Funnelback 15.10 and earlier style facets when used with the Freemarker template code.


Funnelback limits the number of categories returned to the end user for any given facet to the top 16 categories, 8 of which are shown on the initial load with an more button to access the rest of the facets.

Both of these numbers can be changed, with the settings configured within the Freemarker template.

To change the total number of categories returned for a facet set the max parameter for the <@s.Category> tag. Note: the maximum value that you can set is 100 unless you increase the number of categories returned by the query processor (see below).

eg. Set the maximum number of categories displayed in the template to 32 (after more is clicked)

<@s.Category max=32>

To change the inital number of categories displayed (toggled with the more button set the displayedCategories variable in the Javascript towards the bottom of the default simple.ftl file. (note: this will only apply if you are using the Javascript from the standard template) and if you are using the old 15.10 style facets with the old template code.

e.g. Display up 10 categories for each facet on initial load and hide the rest

// Faceted Navigation more/less links
var displayedCategories = 10;

Increasing the number of categories returned by the query processor

By default Funnelback will return up to 100 categories for each metadata field that is counted for faceted navigation.

This can be increased by setting the rmc_maxperfield query processor option. Increasing the value could impact performance, especially on collections that have large numbers of metadata values for the fields being counted.

e.g. Return a maximum of 150 categories per facet

query_processor_options= -rmc_maxperfield=150