Bulk import of synonyms


This article describes how to bulk import synonyms into a Funnelback service.


Step 1: Create a synonyms.cfg

In a text editor create a synonyms.cfg file. The file should use the synonyms.cfg v2 file format.

Save the file as a UTF-8 encoded UNIX text file.

Step 2: Upload the synonyms.cfg

Log in to the Funnelback server and switch to the collection where the synonyms should be imported.

Open the file manager and find the preview profile for the service where the synonyms should be imported.

Upload the file using the upload control for the preview folder of the profile. The administration interface doesn’t provide any confirmation that the file has been uploaded.

Step 3: Convert and publish the synonyms

Switch to the marketing dashboard and edit the synonyms for the service. The items from the synonyms.cfg should be displayed within the synonyms editor as new (unpublished) items. Click publish all to convert and publish all the new synonyms.

If nothing is displaying in the synonyms editor, or an error message is showing then it is likely that there are some syntax errors in the synonyms.cfg. Check the admin-api.log for more information. The admin-api.log is available from the administration interface via the collection logs item in the system menu, or by viewing $SEARCH_HOME/web/logs/admin-api.log from the backend.