Using Content API

You must be a System Administrator or higher to manage Content API access across your Matrix instance.

All Content API tokens are managed through the Content API Manager, which is located under System Management  Content API Manager.

Create tokens beneath this management asset and link the tokens to other root asset nodes you want to access using headless mode.

How to create a Content API token

Tokens can be restricted to assets that are either root nodes, or children of root nodes.

Matrix permissions based on the assigned token user are applied if root node access restrictions are not set against a token.

  1. Click Content API Manager  New Child  Content API Token and set a name for the token.

  2. In the User field, select a user profile from the configured assets.

  3. In the Root Node Restrictions, optionally select one or more assets to apply the access token to.

  4. Click Enabled to set the token to active.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Release the asset locks.

The token asset now has a Token assigned to it. You use this token in an API request to retrieve information from the assets you selected and granted access to.

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