Installing Content API

You can download the extension package from the Content API Squiz Marketplace listing.

How to install the extension package

To complete this procedure you must be a Matrix server administrator with command-line access to the Matrix server.

Matrix packages are provided as a package archive (.tgz).

You install packages by extracting the archive into the /packages directory of your Matrix system.

Follow these steps to install an extension package on your Matrix system:

  1. Open a terminal and navigate into the target Matrix system directory. For example: cd /var/www/squiz_matrix

  2. Download the package archive to a location accessible to your Matrix system. For example, /path/to/package.tgz.

  3. Install the package by extracting the archive into the squiz_matrix/packages directory.

    cd /var/www/squiz_matrix
    tar -xvf /path/to/package.tgz
  4. Run the installation steps in order.

    sudo -u apache php install/step_02.php $PWD
    sudo -u apache php install/step_03.php $PWD --package=[package_name] (1)
1 [package_name] - Specify the name of the Matrix extension package. The name is the same as the installation package name, excluding any version information.

Once you have completed the package installation steps, complete these extra steps to finish the installation process:

This extra procedure is only required if you are running Content API on Matrix versions earlier than v5.5.6.0. The feature flag was removed in v5.5.6.0 of Matrix.
  1. As a server administrator, edit the feature flags configuration file:

  2. Set the SQ_FEATURE_API_ENABLED option to true:

    define('SQ_FEATURE_API_ENABLED', true);

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