Class PluginConfigKeyConditional<T>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - type of key values

    public class PluginConfigKeyConditional<T>
    extends Object
    Define plugin configuration keys' dependency on each other to display it in plugin configuration admin UI and in auto-generated documentation. If the usage of key B depends on a specific value set for key A, this can define by setting on a definition of key B `PluginConfigKeyConditional`, for example: Key B will be used only if key A has a value set to "X" or "Z
     new PluginConfigKeyConditional<String>("plugin.keyA.config.example", List.of("X", "Z"))
    or using a builder
    • Field Detail

      • associatedKeyId

        private final @NonNull String associatedKeyId
        Plugin configuration key
      • associatedKeyValues

        private final @NonNull List<T> associatedKeyValues
        List of values
    • Constructor Detail

      • PluginConfigKeyConditional

        public PluginConfigKeyConditional​(@NonNull
                                          @NonNull String associatedKeyId,
                                          @NonNull List<T> associatedKeyValues)