Shakespeare homepage news

Oct. 16, 2000 -- The recovery from a catastrophic system failure began today. The static content is being restored first, followed by the search engine, then the discussion area.

Oct. 4, 1999 -- Added some new entries to the FAQ, and updated the home page a tad.

Dec. 16, 1995 -- Installed HyperNews and created Shakespeare discussion area.

Dec. 1, 1995 -- I created a new search interface that allows you to select the particular texts you want to search, instead of always searching all of the texts. Let me know if you have any problems.

Sept. 1, 1995 -- The new page design that I had been working on is now finished, and I have reformatted all of the pages. Hopefully this has cleaned up a number of mistakes in the previous formatting and made the plays a bit more attractive.

July 12, 1995 -- Round two of the new formatting is done. Please let me know what you think. If I don't find any further problems, I plan to convert all of the texts by the end of the month. Here's the initial batch:

  • Macbeth
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Henry V
  • The Merchant of Venice
  • June 29, 1995 -- I am experimenting with a new presentation of the plays, which I hope will correct some of the problems with the current formatting. On a trial basis, I have placed a new version of Macbeth on the server.

    Apr. 16, 1995 -- I had added several new pages: Shakespearean quotes from Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, a page of Frequently Asked Questions, and an HTML3 home page.

    Apr. 13, 1995 -- Links to individual lines should be available for all of the plays, but not the poems.

    Apr. 8, 1995 -- For several plays you should now be able to make links to individual lines. When available, search results include links to the specific line.

    Jan. 23, 1995 -- I have begun to maintain a list of other Shakespeare resources on the Internet. (Discontinued in 1999.)

    Jan. 18, 1995 -- A new search page has been created.

    Jan. 17, 1995 -- At long last, I have linked much of Shakespeare's poetry, including all of the sonnets. And special thanks to Culture Wave for scanning in a copy of the engraving from the First Folio.

    Oct. 1, 1994 -- I have reformatted the text of each of the plays, so that most of it is in HTML text rather than plain text.

    Jan. 12, 1994 -- A WAIS index of the plays has been brought on line. (Retired in Sept. 1994.)

    Dec. 1993 -- While trying to avoid finishing my paper on Othello, I created this server. Apologies to Ingrid, the teaching fellow who got a later paper in part because of this server.

    Jeremy Hylton