System and server administration

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  1. Update failed code 137

    This error indicates that the update was killed by the operating system due to low memory on the server.

    • System administration
  2. Place the administration interface in read only mode

    The Funnelback administration interface can be placed in read only mode which prevents logged in users from making any changes to configuration.

    • Funnelback application administration
    • System administration
    • Global configuration
  3. Update the MaxMind GeoLite database

    This article describes how to update the MaxMind GeoLite database used in Funnelback 15.22 and earlier.

    • Analytics and reporting
    • Funnelback application administration
    • System administration
    • Search analytics
    • Predictive segmentation
  4. Prepare Funnelback for upgrade

    How to run the scripts to prepare Funnelback for upgrade.

    • System administration
    • Upgrades
  5. Troubleshooting Windows update scheduling

    This article details some common errors that may occur when attempting to schedule updates using Windows.

    • Funnelback application administration
    • System administration
  6. Find Funnelback licence key information

    This article shows how to find out licence key information from a licence key.

    • System administration
  7. Useful programs to have installed on Windows for Funnelback.

    When working with a Windows installation it is a good idea to install the following tools if possible. These make debugging and managing a Windows installation of Funnelback much easier.

    • System administration
    • Installation
  8. Avoiding file locking issues on Windows

    For windows environments, if you have a application with a file open it will be file locked. This can cause problems when trying to run updates or edit files.

    • System administration
  9. Get collection state from command line

    Find out the state of a collection using the command line interface for redis.

    • Data sources
    • System administration
    • REDIS service
  10. Handling large GET requests with Jetty

    This article shows how the buffer size used by Jetty for HTTP requests can be adjusted.

    • System administration
    • Jetty web server service