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  1. Update workflow

    Specifying workflow commands. Workflow commands are specified in the collection's main configuration file (. collection.cfg. ). Each workflow command has a corresponding. collection.cfg. option. The commands take the form. ... pre_swap_command. : Run

  2. Supporting multiple query processors

    Existing collections will need to be manually initialized by running the following command under. ... post_update_command. (or other workflow commands) then you must update the workflow accordingly to push the meta collection after it has been modified.

  3. Funnelback

    sec.server.config. permission. On upgrade, users will not be automatically granted that permission as editing these settings was previously possible only with command-line access. ... workflow.cfg. file are automatically granted the new.

  4. Develop: reference documents

    Modify the Funnelback engine workflow to call your own programs and scripts at key points in the update sequence. ... An overview of various command line tools that may support integration.

  5. Funnelback

    The Windows user which runs scheduled updates and users which run updates from the command line will need the permission SeCreateSymbolicLinkPrivilege. ... The JAVA_OPTS environment variable will no longer be respected by groovy commands in pre/post

  6. Funnelback

    Fixed problems in handling of default ports when canonicalising URLs. Mediator PullLogs command now transfers sub-directories of logs recursively. ... The workflow publish hook is no longer called with both the preview and live profile files.

  7. Funnelback is now capable of pushing report folders. Better support for workflow scripts written in Groovy by expanding the $GROOVY_COMMAND variable. ... post_update_command. is now run in the background on Windows (as of Linux).

  8. Funnelback

    Improvements. Allow pre/post commands to use collection.cfg parameters. Broken link detection script for featured pages. ... Command line administration / Unix scheduling / Apache integration will not work if the Perl binary is not at /usr/bin/perl.

  9. Instant updates

    the equivalent instant update workflow commands applied to the correct instant update phases (as listed above). ... This means that you will need to add workflow commands for both standard and instant updates.

  10. Push collections

    Typically this can be done using PsExec with something similar to the following command line:. ... It is recommend to run the above command twice to confirm you are not asked to read and accept the license on the second attempt.