Server administration

This documentation details the server administration tasks for Matrix, including setting up your server. It is designed for technical users who are also system administrators for your server.

Table of Contents

Squiz matrix root directory

In this documentation, the Matrix root directory used is /home/websites/squiz_matrix. This directory is referred to as either /home/websites/squiz_matrix or <system_root> in long command strings.

The scripts and configurations included in this section are only applicable if you have command-line access to the Matrix server.
Server configuration files

Learn about the various configuration files used within Matrix.

Upgrade script

Learn how to use the Matrix Upgrade script to upgrade your installation.

Maintenance tasks

Learn about the various maintenance scripts shipped with Matrix.

Memcache configuration

Learn how to configure Memcache as an alternative to Matrix Cache.

Redis Configuration

Learn how to configure Redis cache storage as an alternative to Matrix Cache. configuration

Learn about the primary configuration file for Matrix.

Matrix SQL client

Learn how to initiate an interactive database terminal.

Server scripts

Learn about the scripts available within Matrix.

Import/export scripts

Learn how to use the import and export scripts available with Matrix.

Asset moving scripts

Learn about scripts that assist with moving assets within the system.

Asset removal scripts

Learn about scripts that remove assets within Matrix.

System management scripts

Learn about scripts helpful in managing your Matrix installation.

System integrity scripts

Learn about included scripts that can improve your Matrix installation integrity.

URL scripts

Learn how to manage URLs in Matrix with the included scripts.

Design parsing scripts

Learn about scripts to help re-parse designs in your Matrix installation.

Backup script

Learn how to use the backup script to make a backup of your Matrix installation.

Purge trash script

Learn how to purge trash using this script.

Recreate link tree script

Learn how to regenerate the link tree in the database for all assets.

Remove internal message script

Learn how to use this script to manage messages stored on your Matrix installation.

Publish static content script

Learn about publishing static site content using this script.

Update LDAP bridge references script

Learn how to use this script to update an LDAP bridge’s references.