Personalisation framework


The Personalisation framework extension lets you add granular personalisation to your page and container assets in Squiz Matrix.

The extension adds a traits layer to the personas and variations features in Matrix which allows you customise how users that visit your site see content.


Read the following prerequisites and information before installing and using the Personalisation framework extension.

Table 1. Key package information

Minimum Matrix version

Extension type

Matrix implementation

Extension version


Installation method

Asset import

Interface availability

Edit+ mode (recommended)

Admin (supported)

Minimum user account level

System Administrator


The personalisation framework provides the following extensions to the personas and variations functionality in Matrix:

  • Track traits for your users.

  • Have users automatically assigned to personas based on their traits.

  • Target containers and variations to particular personas.

  • Manage personalisation settings from within the Edit+ authoring environment.

  • Test what content shows/hides for what personas in preview mode.

  • Programmatically apply users to personas (opt-in).

  • Associate multiple personas to both pages and containers.

  • Containers can have four types of evaluation logic applied:

    • all personas must match

    • any persona must match

    • all personas must not match

    • any persona must not match


The following limitations apply to the extension:

  • Only Standard Page asset types and their containers can be personalised.

  • Personas are not editable when Safe Trash is applied to these assets types.

  • The framework requires JavaScript to run on your website, otherwise only default content is displayed.

  • The settings interface is not supported in Admin mode.

  • Personalisation does not work in private browsing mode on Safari iOS.

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