Generating social media API keys


When creating a social media data source, you will require specific API keys in order to update the data source with the data from the social media.

Note that this information may get outdated as social media platforms evolve. Retrieving API keys for social media platforms is usually well documented on the social media platform developer website, so it may be useful to refer to it. It is also usually documented by third-parties in blog posts or tutorial that may be worth looking up.

Social media API keys


See the Facebook page access token article details on how to generate a Facebook token.


The following keys are required and can be obtained from The client will need to login to their Twitter account and create an App. They should go to key and access tokens and provide:

  • OAUTH consumer key

  • Consumer secret

  • Access token

  • Access token secret

Visit to create a new app and retrieve these values.


The following keys are required and can be obtained from []( The client will need to login in their google account associated with YouTube and go to credentials. They should create a new credential and provide:

  1. API key

    Visit to learn how to retrieve a YouTube API key.
  2. Channel ID

    Visit to learn how to retrieve your channel identifier.


Set up Instagram App

An 'App' must be created within the Facebook developer portal. The first three steps in the get started guide should be followed to set up your Instagram app (Create a Facebook app, configure Instagram basic display, add an Instagram test user).

Note that Instagram may be added as a platform on an existing Facebook app if you already have one (it does not strictly need to be its own app). Rate limits are shared across apps when using a user access token.

User Access Token

Use the user token generator to generate a user access token.