Funnelback 15.18.0 release notes

Released : 3 December 2018

Supported until: 3 December 2019 (Short Term Support Version)

15.18.0 - New features

  • Funnelback Knowledge Graph

    • An extension to Funnelback search that analyses data from your enterprise systems, links it together and then presents it in a browsable interface. Enables people to more easily find and contextualise organisational information.

  • Redesigned user management system including:

    • Greatly improved user interface for creating and managing users.

    • Support for roles to streamline user permission management.

    • Ability to restrict user management permissions based on a user list or username suffixes.

    • Documentation of all permission settings within Funnelback.

15.18.0 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Sessions API cart.json now sets the collection to the one which provided the URL rather than setting it to the meta collection. Note the value is only changed for values in the cart added after the upgrade.

  • Upgraded Tika to version 1.19.1

  • Introduced a boolean-expression lock-key-matcher and a raw lockstring storage mode.

  • Added a security manager to prevent hook scripts calling System.exit (which would terminate the web server process).

  • Fixed MetadataScraper applyIfNoMatch logic.

  • Fixed MetadataNormaliser to work correctly with the new filter framework and under push collections.

  • Introduced the ability to return the complete summarisable text for documents in results.

  • Changes to allow many collection.cfg settings affecting query-time behaviour to be set in profile.cfg

  • Funnelback now bundles the current OpenJDK 8 build from AdoptJDK rather than Oracle’s version.

  • Fixed handling of absolute paths in the crawler.form_interaction_file setting.

  • Fixed handling of some special characters in reporting blacklist for pattern analyser.

  • Added processing of wmeta weighting for phrase queries.

  • Added new query processing laxity and sort_ignoring_tiers options.

  • SAML Identity provider initiated login now redirects to the marketing dashboard.

  • Avoided the web crawler potentially loading sitemap.xml files multiple times.

  • Fixed several cases where SAML authentication did not operate as expected in some web browsers or when the funnelback_documentation collection was inaccessible.

  • Removed some no-longer-supported Facebook permissions and fields from the Facebook gatherer.

  • Added fields to Twitter documents containing reply related metadata.

  • Fixed web crawler link decoding behaviour.

  • Fixes support for sort mode '3' in query completion, allowing the 'alpha' setting to be respected.

  • Improved the performance of the directory gatherer by caching attribute syntax definitions.

  • Fixed the default form-not-found template which reflected the given form id without proper escaping.

  • Fixed the default configuration of URL previewing which could previously be used to expose local log file content.

  • Push slaves will now actively pull down merge/vacuumed generations, rather than waiting for commits to trigger this.

  • Under Browse Collection Configuration Files users will be able to list/view/edit/etc files under all profiles which exist and the which the user has access to without specific file manager rules being created.

15.18.0 - Configuration Upgrade Steps

The following changes will be automatically performed on all configurations during the upgrade process. Configurations migrated from older versions after the upgrade will need to have manually run to apply these changes.

  • Users with a pre-15.18 user-info section will be upgraded to the new 15.18 format in which this section is renamed to user-details. The 15.18 format changes the interpretation of the profile setting within this section such that an empty value now denotes access to no profile rather than to all, with * granting all-access instead. This makes the behaviour consistent with collections and other similar settings.

  • Users who previously had the sec.administrator permission are granted permission to:

    • Create and delete users and roles (sec.accounts.create-users, sec.accounts.delete-users, sec.accounts.create-roles, sec.accounts.delete-roles)

    • Change user passwords (cp.change.passwd)

    • Edit and grant all roles (roles -> can-edit-roles = *, roles -> can-grant-roles = *)

    • Edit all users (user-details -> can-edit-users = *)

    • Create roles and users with any suffix (roles -> can-create-roles-with-suffix = *, user-details -> can-create-users-with-suffix = *).

  • All users are granted sec.knowledge-graph-labels, sec.knowledge-graph-relationships and sec.knowledge-graph-templates to allow customisation of knowledge graph relationships and presentation.

  • All users have a version section with the setting version=15.18 added to support any future upgrade operations.

15.18.0 - Upgrade Issues

  • The Sessions database schema has been changed, so for installations using external databases the update-session-db.groovy will need to be run (see Search sessions and history for instructions). The script will be run automatically on upgrade for installations using the default sessions DB.

  • The MetadataScraper filter has fixed its implementation of rules with applyIfNoMatch: true. Previously, setting this flag on a rule meant that it would apply on all documents (i.e. even if the selector did not match). This has now changed so that the rule only applies when the selector does not match. Any implementations relying on the old behaviour will need to be updated accordingly.

  • The following permissions will now generate a warning if present in user ini files as they have either been removed or upgraded in a previous version or they where never used, plugin.emergency.contacts, plugin.ip.records.tracker, plugin.mgt.clients, plugin.publish.config, plugin.qld.logs.archive, sec.accessibility-auditor.admin, sec.accessibility-reports, sec.content.optimiser, sec.edit.advanced, sec.edit.clients, sec.fareporter, sec.kill.doc, sec.kiosk, sec.perform.feed, sec.qldagency, sec.service.manifold, sec.service.manifoldcf, sec.stop.manual, sec.superuser, sec.synonyms, sec.view.collection, sec.wcag.

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