Administration dashboards

The Funnelback administration and marketing dashboards provide web-based administration and reporting for hosted searches.

Administration dashboard

The administration dashboard includes tools to:

  • Create, manage and configure search packages, data sources and results page.

  • Manage extensions (plugins)

  • Schedule data source and analytics updates, and manage the task queue.

  • Manage users, roles and licences.

Marketing dashboard

The Funnelback marketing dashboard provides web-based access to results page analytics and reporting functions as well configuration of marketing tools such as best bets, curator rules and synonyms.


The analyse features of the marketing dashboard provide insight into both search user behavior, and the underlying content available to Funnelback.

View reports on queries and what people have clicked on - allows you to drill-down by date and export to various formats.

View reports on metadata, duplicates and other content features.

Display information on how to improve the ranking of a particular document for a particular query.

View accessibility auditor reports.


The optimise features of the marketing dashboard provide the ability to refine search result pages in a range of ways, to improve the search user’s experience.

Specify best bets for key queries, to ensure users see the results you want them to.

Control how some queries are interpreted to match up with your organisation’s terminology.

Customisation of result pages for specific queries.

Tuning Funnelback’s ranking.

Logging in to the administration and marketing dashboards

Access to the administration and marketing dashboard requires a valid administration user.

The administration dashboard is accessed by requesting the Funnelback server’s administration URL. By default this URLs is https://FUNNELBACK-SERVER:8443/d/, however please contact your Funnelback administrator to obtain the correct login details. The marketing dashboard is available from a similar URL: https://FUNNELBACK-SERVER:8443/a/ and once logged in to either dashboard you can easily switch between them via the menu bar.

When you access the administration dashboard or marketing dashboard you will be initially prompted with a login box where you need to enter your login details.

Enter the username and password as supplied by your administrator.

By default your login session will remain active for a period of two hours after which time you will be prompted to log in again. This login period is adjustable globally by a system administrator.

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