URL to use to reach the search service, when wrapped inside another system (e.g. CMS).

Key: ui.integration_url
Type: String
Can be set in: profile.cfg, collection.cfg


This setting allow to specify a custom URL to use to access the search interface for the collection.

The search URL for a Funnelback collection is usually of the form:


However in some circumstances the search results are "wrapped" inside another system, commonly a CMS. In this case the Funnelback search endpoint might not be directly accessible by the end users who would visit the CMS search URL instead, for instance:


This custom URL can be specified in this setting so that other parts of Funnelback are aware of the "real" URL used by users.

This URL can contain the following tokens in the form {token} that will be expanded to their actual values:


Identifier of the collection to search


Identifier of the profile to search


Query to search forFor example if this setting is set to:


and a search should be performed on the collection intranet, profile staff with the query smith, the resulting URL would be:


Default Value

The default value is not defined so that the search URL is derived from the Funnelback hostname and ports as configured in global.cfg


Use a custom URL:


⚠ Caveats

If this key is set in the profile level, that needs to be published to live view to take effect.

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