Date field to use when selecting records (registered date or modified date).

Key: trim.gather_mode
Type: TrimGatherModeTypes allowed values: registered, created or updated
Can be set in: collection.cfg


This setting controls which date field should be considered when selecting records from HP Records Manager / TRIM for TRIMPush collections. There are three possible values:


Record registration date


Attachment creation date (Creation date of the actual binary file attached to the record)


Record last updated date

Default Value

Records are selected by their creation date:



Select by updated date


⚠ Caveats

  • updated will always be updated regardless of the action performed, however it will also be updated when the HP Records Manager / TRIM gatherer will extracts a record if auditing is enabled in HP Records Manager / TRIM. If this happens, all the records will be re-gathered again and again as their updated date will always be updated by the crawl itself. For this reason the use of this date field is not recommended.

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