Component collection level weighting to influence the ranking of documents from the component collection.

Key: meta.components.[component].weight
Type: Double
Can be set in: collection.cfg


Applying collection-level weightings to components in a meta collection will allow up-weighting/down-weighting of results based on the collection that they are sourced from, with the cool.21 parameter controlling how much influence this weighting has on the overall ranking.

The given value must be in the range zero to one (inclusive).

Note that when this value is modified via the value API, a meta collection update is automatically triggered to cause the meta collection’s index to be updated to reflect the change.

If a change is made via the value-raw API, the configuration editor’s "Edit raw data" screen or by editing the config file directly in some other way the meta collection update must be manually triggered.

Default Value


By default all components have a weight on 0.5.


To increase the weighting for a sub-collection with the id foo.

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