Plugin development


A Funnelback plugin is a package that can be installed onto the Funnelback server. By creating a plugin, you can package up custom code that is executed by Funnelback to provide additional functionality that others can use.

Plugins are subject to review by the Funnelback product team prior to being installed onto the Funnelback server. See the publishing section for information on how to submit your plugin for review.

On average the product team will provide a decision on your plugin within two business days of receiving the request.

Creating your first plugin

To help you to create your first plugin we have put together a developing your first plugin guide. The guide walks you through creating a plugin to replace a common prefix in the title of every search result. It steps you through:

  • setting up your development environment;

  • generating your plugin project;

  • writing the plugin itself; and then

  • packaging and deploying your plugin.

Reference documents

Plugin interfaces

Plugins provide various interfaces that enable the implementation of:

Best practices

  • Naming conventions

  • Using Git

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