Customising Funnelback

Administration interface customisation options

Best bets

Specify best bets for key queries, to ensure users see the results you want them to.


Control how some queries are interpreted to match up with your organisation’s terminology.


Customisation of result pages for specific queries.

Search templates

Design result pages to match your required look-and-feel.

Contextual navigation

Enable clustering of results for better navigation of available information.

Faceted navigation

Target your searches based on pre-existing structure within your information.


Enable as-you-type automatic query completion to suggest relevant queries or display additional data.

Display relevant links for top level domain results.

File editing

Details on how to edit configuration files for customisation.

XML documents

How to index XML documents.

Document filters

Write filters in Groovy to transform data.

Sorting results

Change the sort order of results.

Web resources folder

Serve web static resources from the profile folders of a collection.

Result collapsing

Collapse similar results into one.

Search session and history

Record search & click history, use a results shopping basket.

Previewing and publishing

Changes to some Funnelback customisations, in particular search templates are always made in a preview area to allow you to view your changes before publishing them for external users.

Previewing changes

Details on how to preview changes to search customisations.

Publishing changes

Details on how to publish changed customisations.

Advanced customisation options

The following customisation options involve more advanced / technical configuration, allowing for greater flexibility.

Custom summaries

Create custom summaries.

Document filtering

Modify the content of pages before they are indexed.

XSLT processing

Process XML results.

Noindex parameter

Use a regular expression to specify content to ignore.

Spelling suggestions

Change the default configuration of the spelling suggestion system.

Query blending

Generate and run variant queries and blend the results into a single result set.

Stop words

Remove common words such as 'and' and 'the' from queries.

Word stemming

Search for word variants based on a common word stem.

Specific presentation customisation for searching events.

Presenting images

Tools for assisting in the presentation of images.


Integrate recommended items into your web pages.

Metadata customisation

Document metadata

Learn about document metadata.

External metadata

Tag content with metadata without modifying the documents.

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