Funnelback patch

  • Released: 2021-10-12

  • Applies to: v16.4.0

  • Internal reference: FUN-15428, RNDSUPPORT-3444


  • Fixes an issue where the edit metadata mappings administration UI wouldn’t display counts of detected sources in searchable documents properly.

  • Fixes an issue where the tuning results administration UI couldn’t help apply an outcome of the tuning run.

Affected files

  • web/admin/display-tuning-results.cgi

  • web/admin/display-tuning-results.js

  • web/admin/styles/display-tuning-results.css

  • web/adminui/33-es2015.f7a1f44547ef8f31912d.js replaced by web/adminui/33-es2015.613faeec7b027f033552.js

  • web/adminui/33-es5.f7a1f44547ef8f31912d.js replaced by web/adminui/33-es5.613faeec7b027f033552.js

  • web/adminui/index.html

  • web/adminui/runtime-es2015.0e6087d2a4b180b7288e.js replaced by web/adminui/runtime-es2015.89871113fba5456fc66c.js

  • web/adminui/runtime-es5.0e6087d2a4b180b7288e.js replaced by web/adminui/runtime-es5.89871113fba5456fc66c.js


  • Stop the Jetty web server.

  • Deploy the provided files on top of an existing install, backing up all replaced files.

  • ( Update the first line of the bin/ script to refer to the correct perl interpreter for your Funnelback installation. The perl interpreter can be found in $SEARCH_HOME/conf/executables.cfg.

  • Start the Jetty web server.