Funnelback 16.1.2041 release notes

Released : 7 Dec 2020

Supported until: Superseded (released only for AWS SaaS environment deployment)

New features

  • Introduced support for per-client application tokens, which allow logins for applications / scripts to be created independently of administration users.


  • Added warnings to the administration dashboard when license limits are exceeded.

  • Improved the admin API’s JSON representation of timezone and other date/time related config settings.

  • Introduced support for higher-performance zstd compression in push document storage.

  • Improved presentation of errors from SAML user mapper scripts.

  • Improved performance of administration dashboard pages showing large numbers of data sources.

  • Improved administration dashboard messaging when Funnelback server is in read only mode.

  • Eliminated the use of jsessionid cookies when using SAML authentication.

  • Product documentation links now refer to the hosted documentation which can be updated when errors are identified.

  • Added user interface for enabling plugins.

  • Improved administration dashboard breadcrumbs in a number of areas.

  • Added client application tokens, an improvement for application tokens, suitable for use on the Squiz Experience Cloud (SXC)

  • Added plugin servlet filter hooks, a replacement for custom servlet filter hooks, suitable for use on the Squiz Experience Cloud (SXC)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed handling of missing originalQuery entries in search query history.

  • Fixed preservation of URL parameters through the SAML login flow.

  • Fixed broken funnelback_documentation search result template.

  • Fixed support for access_restriction settings based on hostnames when Funnelback is deployed behind a load balancer.

  • Fixed accessibility auditor to account for the removal of the legacy facet data model.

  • Fixed display of default web collection file type restrictions.

  • Fixed return key handling when adding web data source URLs.

  • Fixed a number of cases of old 'collection' terminology usage within administration dashboard.

Upgrade notes

  • The legacy metaData section of the result data model has been removed. listMetadata should now be used instead.

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