Funnelback 16.1.2034 release notes

Released : 31 August 2020

Supported until: Superseded (released only for AWS SaaS environment deployment)

New features

  • Introduced screens for managing plugins and enabling/disabling them on search packages and result pages.


  • Added instant-update and push logs to data source log viewing and WebDAV.

  • Analytics email settings are now configured in result page config instead of a dedicated file.

  • Improved the performance of the tuning dataset administration dashboard when many entries are added.

  • Added a message to the administration dashboard when the server is set to read-only mode.

  • Simplified the search transaction data model by removing some deprecated sections.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed handling of profiles containing hyphens in the legacy perl CGI administration pages.

  • Fixed handling of permissions within some areas of the administration dashboard to disable inaccessible options.

  • Accounted for the new client ID requirement within LDAP authentication.

Upgrade notes

  • The removal of some data model elements to simplify its usage may cause some freemarker templates, plugins and hook scripts to fail when they reference the removed elements. These implementation components must be updated to work with this and future versions of Funnelback. Specific data model elements removed include:

    • The legacy facet/categories.

    • The duplicate resultsWithTierBars section.

    • The rawInputParameters and inputParameterMap sections - inputParameters should now be used instead.

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