Interface GscopeByRegexConsumer

  • public interface GscopeByRegexConsumer
    • Method Detail

      • applyGscopeWhenRegexMatches

        void applyGscopeWhenRegexMatches​(String gscopeName,
                                         String perlRegularExpression)
                                  throws IllegalArgumentException
        A plugin may call this to supply a gscope which should be set when the regular expression matches the URL.
        gscopeName - The name the gscope to set. Limited to ASCII alpha numeric characters and must be no longer than 64 characters. Additionally gscope names which start with 'Fun' in any upper or lower case form are reserved for internal use.
        perlRegularExpression - The regular expression that will be matched against the URL.
        IllegalArgumentException - when one or more of the arguments is not valid.