Interface ExternalMetadataConsumer

  • public interface ExternalMetadataConsumer
    • Method Detail

      • addMetadataToPrefix

        void addMetadataToPrefix​(String URL,
                       <String,​String> metadata)
                          throws IllegalArgumentException
        Adds an external metadata mapping.
        URL - URL prefix. Must include a full hostname, if no protocol specified then http:// assumed e.g.
        metadata - a multimap of one or more metadata keys and values.
        IllegalArgumentException - when one or more of the arguments is not valid.
      • addExternalMetadataLine

        void addExternalMetadataLine​(String externalMetadataLine)
                              throws IllegalArgumentException
        Adds an external metadata mapping line in the external-metadata.cfg format. The format is defined in: Deprecated, use the addMetadataToPrefix() method since this format is ill-defined, and invalid lines may not always be detected you expect them to be.
        externalMetadataLine - a single external metadata line.
        IllegalArgumentException - if the externalMetadataLine is invalid.