Interface FacetProvider

  • public interface FacetProvider
    Provide extra faceted navigation to use during query processing.
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      • extraFacetedNavigation

        default String extraFacetedNavigation​(IndexConfigProviderContext context)
        Supply additional faceted navigation configuration. Additional faceted navigation is supplied as a JSON similar to the API GET /faceted-navigation/v2/collections/{collection}/profiles/{profile}/facet/{id}/views/{view} This expects to return a list [] of Facets. The id, lastModified and created fields do not need to be set. Since the acceptable combinations of facets is complicated, it may be easier to design the facets you want using the faceted navigation UI. After configuring your facet, extract the facet configuration JSON from the preview screen and omit the id, lastModified and created fields. For example: [{ "name": "Authors", "facetValues": "FROM_SCOPED_QUERY_HIDE_UNSELECTED_PARENT_VALUES", "constraintJoin": "AND", "selectionType": "SINGLE", "categories": [{ "type": "MetaDataFieldCategory", "subCategories": [], "metadataField": "author" }], "order": [ "SELECTED_FIRST", "COUNT_DESCENDING"] }] During query processing each facet must have a unique name. Facets defined on the profile will be used in preference to facets defined from the plugin. After that facets from plugins will be used so long as the facet, by name, does not already exist.
        context - Context passed to the plugin when called, will be called with a profile set.
        JSON as a string which contains a list of facet definitions as returned by the API.