Interface PluginBaseConfigContext

    • Method Detail

      • getConfigSetting

        String getConfigSetting​(String key)
        Provides access to config settings from the current funnelback installation and collection. Need to set a default value from a Groovy implementation? Consider
        key - The name of the collection.cfg or global.cfg setting being requested
        The value as set for the current install and collection context
      • getConfigKeysWithPrefix

        Set<String> getConfigKeysWithPrefix​(String prefix)
        Provides a list of config setting keys which have some prefix. This is useful in cases where you need to process some set of config values (e.g. one setting per data source).
      • getConfigKeysMatchingPattern

        Map<String,​List<String>> getConfigKeysMatchingPattern​(String pattern)
        Provides config settings which match the given key pattern. The pattern is the same pattern used for configuration permissions. Some examples are: pattern 'a.*' matches '' but does not match '' pattern 'a.*.*' matches '' but does not match '' The key within the returned map is the full key and the value is a list of the parameters for the key. For example if config has: '' and 'a.b.c' and the pattern is 'a.*.*' the resulting map will contain: '': ["foo", "bar"] 'a.b.c': ["a", "b"] Note that if the config key contains '.' or '\' it will be escaped as it is in config. For example if config contains 'a.c:\\bar\.jpg' then for the pattern 'a.*' the resulting map would contain: 'a.c:\\bar\.jpg': ["c:\bar.jpg"] The key remains escaped however the paramaters in the list are left unescaped.
        pattern - regex pattern used for matching config key
        a map of all matching config keys where the key in the map is the config key and the value is a list of all parameters.