Interface FilterContext

  • public interface FilterContext
    A Jsoup filter context. Not to be confused with FilterContext
    • Method Detail

      • getSetup

        SetupContext getSetup()
        A representation of the setup details for this filter. For example, where Funnelback is installed and what collection is being used, as well as access to configuration settings.
      • getDocument

        org.jsoup.nodes.Document getDocument()
        The document being filtered. Modifications may be made in place if needed, however it may be easier in many cases to add metadata via the additionalMetadata Multimap below.
      • getAdditionalMetadata<String,​String> getAdditionalMetadata()
        Metadata to be added to the document being filtered as a result of filtering. One metadata entry with the same key as the map entry will be added for each entry in the value set. This is a Multimap which supports multiple values for each key. See for details of the calls available, though you can probably just treat it like a normal map if you don't need to replace existing values. The current implementation will add the metadata by inserting HTML meta tags into the document but in the future we may change this to store metadata separately to the content itself, so avoid relying on a specific storage location. Example to add multiple values to a single metadata key. context.getAdditionalMetadata().put("a", "value 1"); context.getAdditionalMetadata().put("a", "value 2");
      • getCustomData

        Map<String,​Object> getCustomData()
        A map of custom data which may be used to communicate between filters in the chain. Any filter may add, edit or remove entries for the document during filtering. Note that the map and all content will be discarded once the document has been filtered.