This feature is not available in the Squiz DXP.

swap-views.pl swaps the live and offline views of a collection after a successful update, placing the newly gathered and indexed data in live for querying, and safely storing the older gathered and indexed data in offline.

$ swap-views.pl <collection config> [-force]
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  • The collection configuration file must be specified, and must be a filesystem path to an existing, readable and valid collection configuration file.

  • -force may also be specified


swap-views.pl will swap the live and offline views. At the end of an update this is required, as update data is stored in and indexed in the offline view, to avoid disruption to the live view. On Linux platforms this involves swapping symbolic links. On Windows this involves moving directories. Locking is performed to ensure that there are no conflicts during the swap.

swap-views.pl will not swap under some conditions:

Under Windows, if one of the directories to be moved, or their contents, is in use

Windows will not allow folders to be moved if they or their contents are in use, and does not easily support symbolic links. An appropriate error message will be displayed or logged if the swap fails for this reason.

If changeover conditions are not met

There are various conditions that must be met for a swap to take effect. See changeover percent and vital servers. These checks can be ignored by specifying "-force".