Description generates a database from a search package’s query log files for reporting purposes. This database is used to populate the search analytics report, available from the search dashboard.

$ [--collection <SEARCH-PACKAGE-ID>]


  • The search package ID may be specified or all search packages will be processed.

Function will either:

  1. update reports for the search package specified

  2. update reports for all search packages if no search package ID be specified

The click and query logs are read from $SEARCH_HOME/data/<SEARCH-PACKAGE>/live/queries.log, $SEARCH_HOME/data/<SEARCH-PACKAGE>/live/clicks.log and $SEARCH_HOME/data/<SEARCH-PACKAGE>/archive/. The analytics database is located on disk at $SEARCH_HOME/admin/reports/<SEARCH-PACKAGE>/. Messages and errors recorded during the update of analytics are written to update_reports.log, available from the search package’s log viewer.

Once the analytics database has been built, reports may be viewed from the search dashboard.

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