This feature is not available in the Squiz DXP. creates a collection, including its collection.cfg file.

$ <collection name> <collection type> [start url]
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  • Collection name must be included, must not match the name of an existing collection, and must be composed of alphanumerics, hyphens and underscores.

  • Collection type must be included, and must be either "web", "filecopy", "database", "local", "push2", "meta", "connector" or "trimpush".

  • The start URL may be included, or may be added later. This parameter is for web collections only.

Function will create the collection’s conf and data directories. It will also create a collection.cfg file. See also, which does not create the collection.cfg file.


The created collection configuration should still be manually checked and edited to change default configuration options. The following options are especially important to check:

  • collection

  • service_name