This feature is not available in the Squiz DXP. calls PADRE to index a collection’s documents.

$ <collection config> [-reindex] [-instant-update]
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  • The collection configuration file must be specified, and must be a filesystem path to an existing, readable and valid collection configuration file.

  • -reindex may be specified

  • instant_update may be specified


With no optional flags, will run PADRE over the "offline/data" subdirectory of the collection’s root directory ($SEARCH_HOME/data/$COLLECTION_NAME). It will log output to the "offline/log" subdirectory and place the produced indexes in the "offline/idx" subdirectory.

The meanings of the optional flags are explained below.


Create a new index in a temporary directory, and then activate it be copying it into the live "idx" directory. The query cache is then reloaded and the spelling dictionary recreated. This allows reindexing of live data with minimal interruption to live query processing.


This instructs the index script that an instant update is being performed, which means that the indexer must be called using the secondary update option, and the data root will be ignored. Instead, a custom data directory live/secondary-data will be used.

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