This feature is not available to users of the Squiz Experience Cloud version of Funnelback. deletes a collection, including its gathered documents, indexes, configuration, scheduled updates and logs. It also removes references to the collection from user configuration files.

$ <collection config>
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  • The collection configuration file must be specified, and must be a filesystem path to an existing, readable and valid collection configuration file.

Function will delete all data and configuration associated with the collection, including:

  • gathered documents

  • indexes

  • configuration

  • scheduled updates

  • logs

  • reports (including the collection directory under reports_temp)

  • references to the deleted collection in other configuration files

Other will not delete a collection that is currently updating, or in any state other than "normal" (serving queries only). There is no undo function after deleting a collection, and the script does not prompt the user to check if it is deleting the right collection. It will delete files under the collection_root, even if they are symlinked to the systems root or other important directory. It should be used with care.