This feature is not available in the Squiz DXP. archives a collection’s queries.log and clicks.log log files to the collection’s archive directory.

$ <collection config> [view]


  • The collection configuration file must be specified, and must be a filesystem path to an existing, readable and valid collection configuration file.

  • A view may be specified, and should be one of "live" or "offline".

Function will take query logs and click logs from the specified view ("offline" if no view is specified, or "live" if no view is specified for search packages) and will compress them and store them in the collections "archive" directory. It will then create empty new query and click logs. will run this script to archive logs at the end of an update, at which point the "live" logs will have been swapped into the "offline" view (thus the "offline" default view).

Search packages and log archival

Since this process is only normally called when a collection is updated, logs for meta collections may never be archived unless a scheduled task is set up to run this script (or perform some other log rotation). Setting up such a task is recommended for any meta collection receiving a significant volume of queries.