This feature is deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Please update any existing implementations to use supported features.

file-manager.ini defines the default Perl file manager permissions for Funnelback administration dashboard users.

This configuration can only be modified by a system administrator.


The file is a standard "ini" file, divided into a number of sections. The two main sections are:

create = custom.ftl,external_metadata.cfg,site_profiles.cfg,...



The main section is used to define some global settings. At present the only option is create which is a comma-separated list of file names the user can create.


The folders section list the "folders" the user can browse, one per line. These folder names are only used internally to identify the settings for each folder.

For example, the collections "home" folder is defined as:

name = Home
path = $home
rules = main-rules

They are described in detail on the file-manager security page.

The rules options defines the (internal) name of the file-rules that are to be applied to the files in the folder. For example, the following rules define the actions that can be performed on the standard Funnelback configuration files.

external_metadata.cfg : * : upload,download,copy,edit
gscopes.cfg : * : download,edit