dns_aliases.cfg is used to configure global collection access restriction per hostname. This file specifies which collection names are valid for specific hostnames. It allows you to restrict access to collections based on the hostname requested by the search user. This configuration file is only relevant if your Funnelback instance serves multiple hostnames.

If the collection requested is not valid for the hostname, the search user will be redirected to the first valid collection for this hostname.

This configuration can only be modified by a system administrator.
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The format of the file is domain.com=collection1,collection2 pair per line.

  • The left part is the hostname for which collection access should be restricted

  • The right part is the list of valid collections for this hostname.


In the following example only the ext-web and publications collections are valid when the search service is accessed using search.company.com. If a user tries to access:


it will be redirected to


In the same fashion, only the staff-dir and fileshare collections are valid with the intranet-search.company.com hostname.