Query processor options changes


In version 12 and 12.2 the query processor options format was updated. These updates ensure that all options have a consistent format, and are specified the same way via CGI, the command line, and collection.cfg. This document outlines the major changes from previous versions (11.x and below).

If you are upgrading to 12.2 or later, query processor options in collection.cfg will be automatically converted to the new format.

These changes only affect the query processor. Indexer options are unchanged.


  • All options are now of the format -name=value. This means -stem2 becomes -stem=2, and -userkeys=keys remains unchanged. This change brings collection.cfg in line with options passed via CGI and form files.

  • On/Off options like -nomdsfhl have been converted to proper boolean options: -mdsfhl=on/off.

  • The format for cool and wmeta have changed. Via the command line or collection.cfg, -coolN W has become -cool.N=W, and -wmeta F W has become -wmeta.F=W . Via CGI or form files, "coolN=W" has become "cool.N=W", and "wmeta_F=W" has become "wmeta.F=W"

  • In all modes, site.max_clusters, topic.max_clusters and type.max_clusters have had the "." replaced by "_". The new options are site_max_clusters, topic_max_clusters and type_max_clusters.

  • -daat and -ras no longer accept strings ("no", "off", etc). To disable these features, set them to 0.

  • Can now specify -loose via CGI

  • -annieonly, -anniefallback and -anniecombo have been replaced by anniemode=1, anniemode=2 and anniemode=3 respectively.

  • thesaurus has been removed since it had been deprecated for some time and was only available in CGI mode. synonyms_enabled provides the same feature.

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