Knowledge Graph widget - display settings

  • dateFormat: Define a format of date to display.

  • field.callback Define a callback applied to a field before rendering it.

  • field.display Define a way to display multi-value fields.

  • field.separator: Define a separator used when displaying multi-value fields.

  • iconPrefix: Define a CSS class prefix used to display icons.

  • maxBreadcrumb: Define a number of links in breadcrumb to display.

  • maxPagination: Define a range of pages to display in list.

  • maxResults: Define a number of results to display per page in list.

  • trigger: Define how Knowledge Graph widget will be triggered on a webpage.

  • events: Define custom actions to perform on events that are triggered when interacting with Knowledge Graph widget.

  • urlPrefix: Define path to prefix relative results URLs with

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