Squiz Matrix

This feature is not available to users of the Squiz Experience Cloud version of Funnelback.

A matrix data source gathers data from Squiz Matrix CMS. Gathering is performed using a standard web crawler, however additional metadata is automatically gathered from Squiz Matrix and an alternate result presentation designed for use within Squiz Matrix is applied.

The matrix collection is defined by the following properties:

  • The API URL for the Squiz Matrix system;

  • The username (matrix_username) with which Funnelback can access the Squiz Matrix installation;

  • The password (matrix_password) with which Funnelback can access the Squiz Matrix installation.

Other configuration settings for matrix collections match those for web collections (since the same web crawler is used).

Matrix collections should only be used for Squiz Matrix sites where document level security is required. For publicly available Squiz Matrix web sites a standard web collection should be used.

Result presentation

Matrix collections are designed to be presented only through the Squiz Matrix "Funnelback REST Search Page" asset, which is able to provide additional security information with the normal search request to allow document level security checks to be performed. See the Funnelback REST Search Page documentation for more information.

Important notice about changes to the authentication scheme

As of version 5.2, Squiz Matrix will retire the current authentication scheme, and introduce a new one.

As part of this transition, Funnelback 14.2 or newer supports the new authentication scheme, however, it still defaults to the old one. To configure Funnelback 14.2 or newer to authenticate with newer versions of Matrix,

  • Ensure the type of your collection is Matrix

  • Edit the collection configuration to replace the old Matrix filter (MatrixDataUrlMetadataFixerFilter) with the new version (MatrixMetadataFilterProvider)

  • Ensure the following five parameters are set in collection.cfg