Setting range restrictions for configuration keys

This feature is only available to system administrators

Range restrictions can be imposed on configuration keys to prevent users from setting up configuration values outside the allowed range.

Ranges can be specified in user and role permissions, and can be imposed on configuration keys that have numerical and duration values.

Range restrictions won’t apply if the user has unrestricted access to a key. Or if the user has permission to edit all keys.

Applying a range limit to a configuration key

Rules can be added to the user or role configuration using the following syntax:


Example: Limit analytics max heap size

Adding the following: = range:128.0:1024.0

Will apply a range restriction to the analytics.max_heap_size configuration key, limiting the accepted value to between 128MB and 1024MB.

Example: Limit update duration keys

Adding the following:

edit.key.schedule.*.auto.desired-time-between-updates = range:1200.0:3600.0
edit.key.schedule.* = range:1200.0:3600.0

limits the user/role from setting the duration keys in the scheduler only within the 1200s to 3600s range.

schedule.*.auto.desired-time-between-updates = PT30M5S
schedule.* = PT30M5S