Patching Funnelback

This feature is not available to users of the Squiz Experience Cloud version of Funnelback.

Patches are regularly released for Funnelback to fix bugs that have been found.

Downloading patches

Patches are available for registered Funnelback users from

The patches are distributed as .tar.gz files and are cumulative, containing all the previous patch files for a given version.

Installing a patch

Application of a patch is currently a manual process.

Before you start

Ensure that you back up your Funnelback instance prior to installing a patch.

Read the patch release notes - some patches require some additional manual steps to be performed, such as removal of certain files. Release notes for the patch are published on the patches website, and also included in the VERSION/patches folder within the tarball.

Installation steps

The basic process for installing a patch is:

  1. Stop Funnelback services

  2. Copy across patched files, replacing existing files with the files contained within the patch .tar.gz file. Ensure all files included with the patch are copied into place.

  3. Delete any files and perform any additional steps as indicated in the patch release notes.

  4. Start Funnelback services.