Changing the email server on Windows

This feature is not available to users of the Squiz Experience Cloud version of Funnelback.

On Windows, Funnelback uses the third-party tool blat to send email to the administrator at the end of each update. During the Funnelback installation, it is possible to skip the configuration of this mail client and you may wish to configure it at a later date.

Configuring blat

To configure blat to send mail, follow their syntax guide; in a command window, enter:

blat -installSMTP SMTP-server from-email-address

For example, if your mail (SMTP) server was called and you wanted email sent from then run:

blat -installSMTP

Extra options

You can specify extra options, like the number of retries or the SMTP port:

blat -installSMTP 1 25

A dash '-' can be set to use default values. In this example the number of retries is set to 3 and the default SMTP port (25) will be used:

blat -installSMTP 3 -

SMTP authentication

If your SMTP server requires authentification, you must use the -u and -pw options, and specify to set these options for the default profile using a dash. The following example configure SMTP authentication for the default profile, with 3 retries and using SMTP port 587 (Note the dash between the port number and the username) :

blat -installSMTP 3 587 - -u login -pw password