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Funnelback 8.0.2

Release notes for Funnelback 8.0.2

Released : 2nd April 2009

Upgrade issues

  • Any existing tagging databases will need to be exported, and then reimported into the new database format.
  • New CSS files will be copied to search.css.dist, instead of to search.css. Changes can be merged manually if desired.

New Features

  • Allow throttling of filecopy requests (to reduce load on the target server).
  • Allow ignoring of text copy protection on gathered PDF files (off by default).

Selected bugfixes and improvements

  • Include updated Davisor text filtering framework (Publishor 5.2)
  • Thesaurus tag expansion feature fixed.
  • Use lower priority for text extraction on Windows to reduce load on search server.
  • Filecopy user authentication was moved to the core filecopy settings.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Fix filecopy gathering of documents with uppercase extensions.
  • Fix fluster "by site" listing for filecopy collections.
  • Fix XML parsing error with cached pages for docx files.
  • Ignore Microsoft Office temporary files when filecopy gathering.
  • Report accurate document sizes for gathered binary documents in filecopy collections.
  • Fix click feedback for filecopy collections.
  • More useful result summaries for filecopy collections.
  • Neaten the display of filecopy URLs.
  • Neaten the display of filecopy titles.
  • Search and tagging look and feel updates.
  • Improve summaries for docx documents.
  • Do not display spelling suggestions for expanded queries.
  • Fix warning output by updating shipped Regexp::Common.
  • Fix reporting bug where data displayed was for a particular month only.
  • Remove blank lines from CSV exported query reports.
  • Prevent creating multiple accounts with the same name.
  • Fix tag feedback for filecopy collections.


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