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Funnelback 8.0.1

Release notes for Funnelback 8.0.1

Released : 16th September 2008

Key Improvements

  • Upgraded the TRIM adapters integration with TRIM, allowing search results to link directly to the TRIM client software, and allowing integration with TRIM versions 6r2 and later.
  • Improved faceted navigation support for categories automatically included from document metadata, including support for phrases, dates, and existing definitions of metadata fields.


  • Improved metadata extraction from Office documents
  • Fixed problem with tagging page not always returning back to search results page
  • Fixed unclear error message in database collections that do not have the correct primary key set
  • Fixed problems when doing inline filtering on Persistent Sharepoint collections
  • Fixed faceted navigation configuration problem that didn't set the correct PADRE options
  • Fixed facet category navigation not resetting the start_rank parameter
  • Fixed occasional inaccurate PADRE RMC counts
  • Fixed the hard coded windows paths in is_windows() checks
  • Fixed incorrect SYSTEM_ROOT under Jetty
  • Fixed problem with the 'clive' option with meta-collections
  • Fixed problem with the ExternalFilterProvider closing filtered filehandles
  • Prevented the upgrade process from removing some pre- and post- commands
  • Removed file-lock caused by update.bat that could prevent multiple scheduled updates occurring at once
  • Fixed problem with the TRIM gatherer ignoring the 'extracted filetypes' parameter
  • Fixed problem with the upgrade process leaving old plugins on the file system
  • Fixed timeout issues with unusual noindex_expressions
  • Fixed user/group problem with Funnelback/Apache integration
  • Fixed problem with complex regular expression featured pages
  • Fixed problem with temp files not being deleted from Windows temp directory
  • Fixed issue with Win32 Event logging not being properly initialised
  • Fixed numerous minor query parsing issues in PADRE
  • Fixed case of a userfile not being created on install
  • Fixed numerous faceted navigation display problems
  • Improved the detection of pre Funnelback 7 installations at install time, and included safety measures to prevent old installations from operating after upgrades.
  • Minor documentation corrections
  • Fixed featured pages upgrade issue from pre Funnelback 7 installs
  • Fixed numerous input validation issues in the administration UI
  • Fixed character encoding problem on the tagging login page that caused some users to be unable to log in
  • Removed fluster scores from the default UI as they were being confused with counts
  • Fixed problem with negation in 'Compare' search UI tags
  • Changed default faceted navigation UI to search within the selected categories by default when entering new searches.
  • Fixed display bug that caused duplicated tree elements in the fluster search UI.
  • Added faceted navigation tags to the default advanced form.


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