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Funnelback 14.0.0

Release notes for Funnelback 14.0.0

Released : 10th September 2014

14.0.0 - New Features

  • Data API providing access to reporting and wcag information in a structured (JSON) form.
  • New curator ruleset editing interface
  • New curator trigger based on predictive segmentation features and query term addition action
  • Push collections have been reimplemented to be more stable and scalable.
  • Graphical redesigns of WCAG reporting and Content Optimiser.
  • When files kill_exact.cfg, kill_partial.cfg and gscopes.cfg exist, they will be automatically applied to the collection when the collection is indexed. Push collections will only apply gscopes.cfg.
  • Predictive Segmentation feature for providing market segmentation information for website visitors.

14.0.0 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Added support for custom query completions (query_completion.csv) in profiles.
  • Added support for Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • Redeveloped warc file library providing a simpler interface.
  • Padre indexing now automatically ignores MapDB database files.
  • Contextual navigation is now enabled for new collections by default.
  • Indexes may now be upgraded on installations which are in read only mode.
  • Various reliability improvements to the tuning system, including support for processing redirects.
  • Fixed sending of analytics emails on Linux installations where the schedule has been changed from the default.
  • New Java based indexer workflow.
    • Logs for each indexing stage are now separated, and named in the form Step-(stage name).log
    • Halting an update on Unix platforms will now terminate indexing processes rather than waiting for them to complete.
  • A copy of Funnelback's query completion script jquery.funnelback-completion.js is now created with Funnelback's version number (e.g. jquery.funnelback-completion-14.0.0.js) to allow result pages to continue using the old version after upgrades if desired.
  • New padre result modes for producing config files for setting 'killed' document flags and query independent evidence.
  • API compatibility and rate limiting improvements to a number of the social media gathering libraries.
  • Improved scripting support for WCA database upgrade tool.
  • Fixed handling of query processor option upgrades when the options contained pipe '|' symbols.
  • Fixed padre indexing collfield option when reindexing a collection's live view.
  • Fixed a problem in analytics PDF exporting when a query contained an ampersand.
  • Default configuration now suppresses any Java exception traces which would otherwise be displayed by the Jetty web server.
  • Improved image scaling quality of low colour bit depth images.
  • Added support for quick links in search result for pages with protocols other than http.
  • Query completion data for profiles is now compiled in parallel, significantly reducing update time for collections with many profiles
  • Incompatible component indexes in a meta collection will be skipped by the query processor, setting -exit_on_bad_component=1 will cause the query processor to revert to the previous behaviour.

14.0.0 - Upgrade Issues

  • Some previous versions of Funnelback on Windows fail to uninstall ActivePerl correctly during upgrades. Version 14's installer will provide a warning if this causes a problem for the upgraded installation. If this warning occurs you must manually uninstall ActivePerl from the system before reinstalling Funnelback.
  • The Curator Groovy Trigger and Action interfaces have been moved from the package com.funnelback.publicui.curator.action to Any custom implementations of these interfaces must be updated to reflect this change.
  • Curator's DisplayProperties action now takes an 'additionalProperties' parameter rather than calling it 'properties' (for consistency with other actions). Existing curator.yaml file using DisplayProperties must be updated.
  • Curator's CountryNameTrigger previously took an argument of 'targetCounties' - The spelling has been corrected to 'targetCountries'. Existing curator.yaml file using CountryNameTrigger must be updated.
  • Support for Novell fileshare document level security has been removed.
  • The default cache URL has been changed from /search/cache.cgi to /s/cache (classic UI to modern). For collections requiring the old cache URL, this may be set in the collection's collection.cfg under ui_cache_link.
  • On TRIMPush collections the record types and classification security files are now stored inside live/databases rather than live/idx. The query processor security plugin has been updated to account for that change.
  • Funnelback's Jetty web server now logs to log/jetty.log.# instead of including its log in the wrapper process's log/jetty-wrapper.log.#
  • A unset value for query_processor_options in conf/<collection>/collection.cfg ie "query_processor_options=" will no longer be overridden by the the default value, instead it will be treated as supplying no options to the query processors.
  • All standard Funnelback security plugins now prefix keys with [collection_name]; to allow keys to be sent only to the relevant sub-collections when a meta collection is used. Any custom security plugins must be updated to perform the same prefixing.
  • ManifoldCF may experience an SQLException when loading databases from earlier versions in some cases. Removing the $SEARCH_HOME/databases/manifoldcf/dbname will cause a new database to be created to resolve this issue, however ManifoldCF must then be reconfigured. Manually upgrading the version of ManifoldCF should solve the problem without data loss once a fixed version is available.
  • A number of classes in the Funnelback common package have been organized into new package structures. Where these have been used in external scripts, these scripts must be updated.
  • Funnelback now uses the modern UI's /s/redirect click tracking system by default instead of the classic UI's /search/click.cgi.

14.0.0 - Errata

  • Funnelback 14.0.0 does not fully support Internet Explorer version 8 within the WCA reporting interface. This presentation issue will be addressed in a future release.
  • Funnelback 14.0.0 does not fully support producing content optimiser information for push collections. This issue will be addressed in a future release.
  • Push 2 in Funnelback 14.0.0 has a bug where anchor text is not correctly applied.


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