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Administration interface


Funnelback's administration interface provides common Funnelback administration functionality in a modern and interactive design. It is planned that future version of Funnelback will progressively move all Classic Admin UI functionality into this interface.

Marketing dashboard


The analyse features of the Marketing Dashboard provide insight into both search user behavior, and the underlying content available to Funnelback.

Query reports

View reports on queries and what people have clicked on - allows you to drill-down by date and export to various formats.

Content auditor

View reports on metadata, duplicates and other content features.

SEO auditor

Display information on how to improve the ranking of a particular document for a particular query.

Accessibility auditor

View accessibility auditor reports.


The optimise features of the marketing dashboard provide the ability to refine search result pages in a range of ways, to improve the search user's experience.

Best bets

Specify best bets for key queries, to ensure users see the results you want them to.


Control how some queries are interpreted to match up with your organisation's terminology.


Customisation of result pages for specific queries.

Tuning search quality

Tuning Funnelback's ranking.

Frontend search services

Administration functions that are provided by the marketing dashboard will become available once a profile is flagged as a frontend service. This indicates which profiles are used as search endpoints for users.

This provides access to the analytics and audit reports, as well as the editing interfaces for items appearing on the customise tab of the administration interface (editing of best bets, synonyms, curator rules and faceted navigation). It also enables access to the tuning editor.

A search service for a selected collection (and profile if in use) can be created with the create service button within the classic administration interface home page. After clicking this create service button, it will be replaced with buttons to access the marketing dashboard for the created service and to decommission the service if it is no longer required.

Once created, the service can be further customised by editing the corresponding profile.cfg file.


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