Funnelback data model documentation.

The data model is the in-memory structure holding the information about a search being performed. Please consult the main documentation page about the Data Model for more information.

It contains 3 main objects which can be found under the SearchTransaction class:

  • A question containing the input parameters,
  • A response containing the results,
  • An error, if the search was unsuccessful.

Note that this documentation is organised by Java packages which may differ from the actual data model tree. Please find below an example data model tree with links to the relevant classes.

  anyExtraSearchesIncomplete (boolean)
  customData (Map)
  effectiveExtraSearchName (Optional)
- error
    additionalData (Exception)
  - reason
  extraSearchName (Optional)
  extraSearches (Map)
  extraSearchesAproxTimeSpent (AtomicLong)
  extraSearchesQuestions (Map)
  extraSearchesTasks (Map)
  parentTransaction (Optional)
- question
    additionalParameters (Map)
    clive (java.lang.String[])
    cnClickedCluster (String)
    cnPreviousClusters (List)
  - collection
      configuration (Config)
    - facetedNavigationConfConfig
        facetDefinitions (List)
        metadataFieldsUsed (List)
    - facetedNavigationLiveConfig
      - facetDefinitions (List)
          allQueryStringParamNames (Set)
          categoryDefinitions (List)
          constraintJoin (FacetConstraintJoin)
          facetValues (FacetValues)
          name (String)
          order (List)
          selectionType (FacetSelectionType)
        metadataFieldsUsed (List)
      hookScriptsClasses (Map)
      id (String)
      metaComponents (java.lang.String[])
      parametersTransforms (List)
      profiles (Map)
      quickLinksConfiguration (Map)
      type (Type)
    currentProfile (String)
    currentProfileConfig (ServiceConfigReadOnly)
    customData (Map)
    dynamicQueryProcessorOptions (List)
    environmentVariables (Map)
  - executionContext
    extraSearch (boolean)
    facetCollectionConstraints (Optional)
    facetsGScopeConstraints (String)
    facetsQueryConstraints (List)
    form (String)
    funnelbackVersion (FunnelbackVersion)
    hostname (String)
    impersonated (boolean)
    inputParameterMap (Map)
    locale (Locale)
  - location
      city (String)
      countryCode (String)
      countryGeoNameId (Integer)
      countryName (String)
      latitude (Double)
      longitude (Double)
      metroCode (Integer)
      postalCode (String)
      subdivisions (List)
    logQuery (Optional)
    maxPadrePacketSize (Optional)
    metaParameters (List)
    originalQuery (String)
    padreTimeout (Optional)
    principal (Principal)
  - priorityQueryProcessorOptions
      options (Map)
    profile (String)
    query (String)
    queryStringMap (Map)
    queryStringMapCopy (Map)
  - questionType
      extraSearch (boolean)
    rawInputParameters (Map)
    requestHeaders (ListMultimap)
    requestId (String)
    selectedCategoryValues (Map)
    selectedFacets (Set)
    systemMetaParameters (List)
    userKeys (List)
- response
  - curator
      exhibits (List)
    customData (Map)
  - facetExtras
      hasNonTabFacets (boolean)
      hasSelectedNonTabFacets (boolean)
      unselectAllFacetsUrl (String)
  - facets (List)
      allValues (List)
      categories (List)
      constraintJoin (FacetConstraintJoin)
      customComparator (Comparator)
      customData (Map)
      facetValues (FacetValues)
    - guessedDisplayType
      name (String)
      order (List)
      selected (boolean)
      selectedValues (List)
      selectionType (FacetSelectionType)
      unselectAllUrl (String)
  - padreSwCmd
    performanceMetrics (StopWatch)
    rawPacket (String)
  - resultPacket
      GScopeCounts (Map)
    - QSups (List)
        query (String)
      - src
    - bestBets (List)
        clickTrackingUrl (String)
        customData (Map)
        description (String)
        link (String)
        title (String)
        trigger (String)
      boundingBoxes (Map)
      collection (String)
    - contextualNavigation
      - categories (List)
          clusters (List)
          fewerLink (String)
          more (Integer)
          moreLink (String)
          name (String)
      - clusterNav
          label (String)
          level (Integer)
          url (String)
        customData (Map)
        searchTerm (String)
      coolerNames (Map)
      coolerWeights (Map)
      dateCounts (Map)
    - details
        collectionSize (String)
        collectionUpdated (Date)
        padreVersion (String)
      documentsPerCollection (Map)
      entityList (Map)
    - error
        adminMsg (String)
        userMsg (String)
      excludeScopes (List)
      explainTypes (Map)
      includeScopes (List)
      indexedTermCounts (List)
      metadataRanges (Map)
      metadataSums (Map)
      origin (java.lang.Float[])
      padreElapsedTime (Integer)
      phlusterElapsedTime (Float)
      query (String)
      queryAsProcessed (String)
      queryCleaned (String)
      queryHighlightRegex (String)
      queryProcessorCodes (String)
      queryRaw (String)
      querySystemRaw (String)
    - results (List)
        allSummaryText (String)
        cacheUrl (String)
        clickTrackingUrl (String)
      - collapsed
          column (String)
          count (int)
          results (List)
          signature (String)
        collection (String)
        component (Integer)
        customData (Map)
        date (Date)
        definedMetadataSeparators (ListMultimap)
        displayUrl (String)
        diversified (boolean)
        docNum (Integer)
        documentVisibleToUser (boolean)
      - explain
          consat (int)
          featureScores (Map)
          finalScore (float)
          lenratio (float)
        exploreLink (String)
        fileSize (Integer)
        fileType (String)
        gscopesSet (Set)
        indexUrl (String)
        kmFromOrigin (Float)
        listMetadata (ListMultimap)
        listMetadataSeparators (ListMultimap)
        liveUrl (String)
        metaData (Map)
        promoted (boolean)
      - quickLinks
          domain (String)
        - quickLinks (List)
            text (String)
            url (String)
        rank (Integer)
        relatedDocuments (Map)
        score (Integer)
        summary (String)
        tags (List)
        tier (Integer)
        title (String)
    - resultsSummary
        anyUrlsPromoted (boolean)
        carriedOverFtd (Integer)
        collapsed (Integer)
        currEnd (Integer)
        currStart (Integer)
        estimatedCounts (Boolean)
        fullyMatching (Integer)
        nextStart (Integer)
        numRanks (Integer)
        partiallyMatching (Integer)
        prevStart (Integer)
        resultDiversificationApplied (boolean)
        totalDistinctMatchingUrls (Integer)
        totalMatching (Integer)
        totalSecurityObscuredUrls (Integer)
      resultsWithTierBars (List)
      rmcItemResults (Map)
      rmcs (Map)
    - spell
        text (String)
        url (String)
      stemmedEquivs (SetMultimap)
      stopWords (List)
      sumByGroups (List)
      svgs (Map)
    - tierBars (List)
        eventDate (Date)
        firstRank (int)
        lastRank (int)
        matched (int)
        outOf (int)
      uniqueCountsByGroups (List)
      urlCounts (Map)
    returnCode (int)
    translations (Map)
    untruncatedPadreOutputSize (Integer)
- session
    clickHistory (List)
    resultsCart (List)
    searchHistory (List)
  - searchUser
      id (String)

Package Description
Provides classes representing collections to search on.
Provides classes representing the faceted navigation configuration, as in faceted_navigation.cfg.
Provides facets definition implementations (GScopeItem, Metadata field fill, etc.).
Provides classes representing the Curator system's data model.
Provides classes representing Curator system actions.
Provides classes representing the Curator system's configuration, including actions (what should happen) and triggers (when should it happen).
Provides classes representing information for inclusion in the search results page generated by the Curator system.
Provides classes representing Curator system triggers (controls when Action objects are executed).
Provides classes modeling faceted navigation requests.
Provides classes representing request location information.
Provides classes corresponding to the XML result packet returned by PADRE.
Provides classes used for a search transaction, from the input parameters to the search results.
Provides classes related to the Content Optimiser.
Provides classes related to session features (search user, search/click history, results shopping cart).