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Develop: reference documents

This page gives an overview of key resources and APIs for web developers who need to do advanced customisation or programmers developing applications on op of Funnelback.

Programming options


Overview of the different search interfaces available including XML and JSON modes.


Integrate XML/JSON results from Funnelback into your application by making HTTP GET calls.


Modify the Funnelback engine workflow to call your own programs and scripts at key points in the update sequence.

Push API

An API which allows adding and removing documents from a collection, where changes are reflected in the search index almost instantly.

User interface hook scripts

Insert Groovy scripts in the search processing.

Custom Servlet Filter Hook

Advanced servlet filter level hook to manipulate requests/responses outside Funnelback.

XML documents

Process XML documents.

Indexer Options

Command line options for modifying the indexer.

Query Processor Options

Command line options for modifying the query processor.

Document filtering

Transform and analyse content before it is indexed.


View available API calls for system operations

Key programs and scripts


The core indexer and query processor and their associated binaries.


The Funnelback web crawler.

cache controller (Modern UI)

Display cached copies of gathered data

Modern UI

The main search web interface of the Modern user interface


Process raw XML results (XML search wrapper)


Process JSON results

Reference documents

Collection.cfg parameters

Full list of all collection.cfg parameters

Data Model (Modern UI)

Data Model reference for the Modern UI

FreeMarker tags (Modern UI)

FreeMarker tag reference for the Modern UI

A how-to for enabling geospatial search

Generalised Scopes (develop/reference-documents/gscopes)

Information on the 'gscopes' search scoping system

Alternative Metadata Values

Handling metadata values which vary with another parameter

Metadata classes

List of supported metadata classes

Query Language Help

Query language reference

Query operator

Modify queries

Query logs

Query log format

Click logs

Click log format

Funnelback ranking

Technical details on how Funnelback ranks documents

Character set

Details on how character sets are handled

Language support

Details on the various languages supported by Funnelback

Command line administration

An overview of various command line tools that may support integration

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