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Typeahead class names (auto-completion)


Provides options to override default Typeahead classes:

  • input - Added to input that's initialized into a typeahead. Defaults to tt-input.
  • hint - Added to hint input. Defaults to tt-hint.
  • menu - Added to menu element. Defaults to tt-menu.
  • dataset - Added to dataset elements. to Defaults to tt-dataset.
  • suggestion - Added to suggestion elements. Defaults to tt-suggestion.
  • empty - Added to menu element when it contains no content. Defaults to tt-empty.
  • open - Added to menu element when it is opened. Defaults to tt-open.
  • cursor - Added to suggestion element when menu cursor moves to said suggestion. Defaults to tt-cursor.
  • highlight - Added to the element that wraps highlighted text. Defaults to tt-highlight.



typeahead: {
    classNames: {
        input: 'typeahead-input',
        hint: 'typeahead-hint',
        selectable: 'typeahead-selectable'

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