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Specify the path to a directory containing the content auditor freemarker templates

Key: ui.modern.content-auditor.template-directory
Type: String
Can be set in: profile.cfg, collection.cfg


This setting allows you to specify a custom location for content auditor freemarker templates. Folder path should be relative to the $SEARCH_HOME

Default Value

This default setting will look for the content auditor freemarker templates at $SEARCH_HOME/web/templates/modernui/content-auditor



To provide $SEARCH_HOME/conf/$COLLECTION_NAME/content-auditor as a custom location which contains content auditor freemarker templates


⚠ Caveats

  • Please note that the data model provided to the template is subjected to change between Funnelback versions. Any non-default template use may break when upgrading between Funnelback versions.
  • Where possible Funnelback recommends using the default template as it is upgraded between versions to match any data model changes.
  • Please refer to release notes where any changes in data model will be mentioned.

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