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Declares additional sources of metadata mappings to be used when indexing HTML documents.

Key: indexing.additional-metamap-source.[key_name]
Type: String
Can be set in: collection.cfg


This setting controls where additional metadata mappings for a collection are defined. Mappings in the listed files will be combined with the collection's own metadata mappings to produce the final list of mappings to be used.

The format allows for setting several sources to be defined, each with a key name (allowing collections to override the defaults).


The format of the given file is expected to be either identical to the format described for metamap.cfg or to be identical to the format returned within the data section of JSON in the response of the API:

GET https://<server:port>/admin-api/metadata-mapping/v1/collections/<collection>

When metadata mappings are combined external metadata mappings may add to but not override any metadata mapping or source already defined for a collection. For example

  • if the collection already defines metadata class price as NUMERIC then an external additional metadata file will not be able to override its type.
  • if the collection already defines a source e.g. /root/price for XML, the external additional metadata file will not be able to change which class that source is mapped to.

Default Value


This default setting provides a set of custom metadata mappings to reserved classes for the use of content auditor.


The following adds metadata mapping from a customer's central meta collection to the component collection in question.


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