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Collection listing screen


The collection listing screen is displayed to users that access the Funnelback server on the HTTP or HTTPS public endpoint without any path, or search.html when no collection is specified. e.g. http://FUNNELBACK_SERVER/ or https://FUNNELBACK_SERVER/s/search.html.

By default the collection listing screen will display a list of all collections that are configured on the server, with links to the search provided using the default template on the default profile. e.g. http://FUNNELBACK_SERVER/s/search.html?collection=COLLECTION&profile=_default.

Customise the collection listing screen

The collection listing screen is generated using a Freemarker template.

To change the output:

  1. Log in to the Funnelback server backend (e.g. via SSH or RDP)

  2. Browse to <FUNNELBACK INSTALL FOLDER>/web/templates/modernui

  3. Copy no-collection.default.ftl to no-collection.ftl. It is important to make a copy of this file as any upgrade of the Funnelback server will overwrite the no-collection.default.ftl.

  4. Edit no-collection.ftl and save the file.

Changes should be reflected as soon as the file is saved.

Example: Suppress the collection listing screen.

The collection listing screen can be configured to return an empty response to add some additional security to your server by preventing your collections from being discovered.

Edit no-collection.ftl to return an empty html page:



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